Cara membaca Map dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cara membaca Map dalam Bahasa Inggris

Good morning every body, I hope you all are fine. Thank you for coming this morning.

Before telling more and more, Let me introduce myself. My name is Rohmatus Sholikhah. I am studying as first year in Economic Faculty Program Majoring Economic Development at State University of Malang.

Today, I want to share to you is about Map specially route to Go fun Bojonegoro Theme Park. This is can make alternative if you vacation in Bojonegoro.

To make my presentation effectively, let I tell you what I want to explain in my presentation now. I will explain about what is Go fun Bojonegoro Theme Park and route to the Go fun Bojonegoro Theme Park.

Go fun Bojonegoro is the first and largest family theme park in Bojonegoro. This tour was officially opened to the public on 20 August 2016.  Quoted by the official instagram account gofun. The largest theme park in Bojonegoro has the concept of night travel. This is open from 4 P.m until 10 P.m for weekday, and from 4 P.m until 11 P.m for weekend. For the price of admission, the gofun peg Rp20.000,- for weekday and Rp25.000,- for weekend. As for the rides are offered, among others disaster house, glass house, throw plate, bumper car and soon.

And now I want to explain route from my house to go fun Bojonegoro. You can look my house is on the north road. From my house, you go straight on. You will find a crossroad and turn Right. After turn right you will  find a junction and turn left,  you go stright on and then take the first on the left. You go stright on until find a junction and then turn right. Go ahead and turn in the third intersection. And stright on again until you find a junction on the big street, then you turn right. Don’t forget to carefully because many vehicles passing. Okey, next you stright on until you find a letter “Welcome to Bojonegoro”.  Turn right and go ahead.  Go fun Bojonegoro is  on the veteran street. The distance between my house and gofun is around 35 Km and usually spend about 1 hour. If you want to stay in bojonegoro, you can stay at Dewarna hotel. This is around gofun.  Beside that, there is also a departement store.

My message, if you go to gofun Bojonegor, you can invite your friend, partner and even your family. For your info forbidden to bring food. But, don’t worry. Because there is a food court.

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