Chocolate, Food Most Favorite Children

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Chocolate, Food Most Favorite Children

Chocolate, Food Most Favorite Children

Chocolate, Food Most Favorite Children

Chocolate, Food Most Favorite Children and Young Indonesia. Discover the benefits and dangers

Chocolate is the designation for food prepared from grain kakao.Cokelat usually given as a gift or gifts at holidays. With the shape, style, and unique taste, chocolate is often used as an expression of thanks, sympathy, or attention. Even as a declaration of love. Chocolate also has become one of the most popular flavor of Indonesia and the world. Apart from being the most common candy bars consumed, chocolate is also the subject of warm and cold drinks.

History of Chocolate

Brown residues found in pottery used by the ancient Mayas in Río Azul, northern Guatemala, showed that the Tribe Mayameminum brown around the year 400 BC. The first civilization inhabited Meso-America knows his trees “kakawa” whose fruits are consumed as a beverage xocolātl meaning bitter drink. According to them, this beverage to be consumed every day, for some reason. However, it seems that chocolate is also a symbol of prosperity. How to serve it was not in vain. By holding a liquid container is as high as his chest and poured into another container on the ground, the expert presenters can create a thick foam, part of what makes the drink so valuable. Foam is actually produced by the cocoa fat (cocoa butter), but sometimes also added extra foam. Meso-American people seem to have a critical habit of drinking and eating porridge containing chocolate. Seeds of the cacao tree itself is very bitter and must be fermented so that it can be obtained. Once baked and dibubukkan result is chocolate or cocoa. It is estimated that the Mayan drinking chocolate began around the year 450 BC – 500 BC. It is said that chocolate consumption is considered as an important status symbol in those days. Mayan chocolate consumed in the form of frothy fluid sprinkled red pepper, vanilla, or other spices. Drinks are also credible as a deterrent Xocoatl tired, a trust that may result from theobromin content therein.

When the classic Maya civilization collapsed (ca. 900) and was replaced by the Toltec nation, cocoa beans became the main commodity Meso-America. During the Aztec Empire in power (up to circa 1500 BC) region that includes Mexico City now known as the Meso-American region most rich in cocoa beans. For the Aztecs cocoa beans is the “food of the gods” (Theobroma, from the Greek). Usually the cocoa beans used in religious ceremonies and as gifts.

Chocolate is also a luxury item during the Meso-American Colombia, in their culture of the Maya, Toltec, and Aztec cocoa (cacao bean) is often used as currency. As an example of the Aztec Indians using the system to calculate where a chicken turkey for a hundred cocoa beans and one avocado for three cocoa beans. As the year 1544 AD, the delegation of Kekchi Mayan Guatemalan who visited the palace Spain bearing gifts, including chocolate drinks.

In the early 17th century, chocolate became a popular refreshing drink in the palace of Spain. Throughout the century, chocolate spread among the elitEropa, then through a democratic process to be fairly cheap price, and at the end of the century it became a drink enjoyed by kelaspedagang. Approximately 100 years after his arrival in Europe, so its famous chocolate in London, to set up “chocolate houses” to store supplies chocolate, starting at the coffee house. The first chocolate house opened in 1657.

In 1689 a physician and collector named Hans Sloane, developed a drink similar to chocolate milk in Jamaica and was initially taken by the tribe apothekari, but the drink was then sold by the Cadbury brothers. All chocolate was originally consumed as a beverage Europe. New in 1847 found a brown solid. Europeans get rid of almost all spices are added by the Meso-American people, but often retain vanilla. Also change the flavor so much according to their own taste from a special recipe that requires ambergris, a waxy purple dye derived from the intestine of a whale, to more common materials such as cinnamon or cloves. However, the most common is sugar added. Conversely, the Meso-American chocolate does not seem to be made sweet.

European brown initially mixed in the same manner used by the Mayas and Aztecs. Even today, the ancient way of Meso-America is still maintained, but in the machinery industry. Still slightly fermented cocoa beans, dried, roasted, and ground. However, a series of more complicated techniques were played. Diemulsikandengan brown powder potassium or sodium carbonate to be more easily mixed with water (dutched, emulsification method found in the Netherlands), fat reduced by removing a lot of cocoa fat (defatted), ground as a liquid in a special barrel (conched), or mixed with milk so a milk chocolate (milk chocolate).

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