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Ekonomi Media

Ekonomi Media

Ekonomi Media


– Ekonomi : problem alokasi
– Alokasi sumber daya: natural resources, human dan kapital
– Sumber daya terbatas
– Sumber daya dalam kebutuhan tak terbatas yang berkompetisi

– Mikro Ekonomi
Concerned with the behavior of individual economic units, notably the firm and household, and the role of relative prices in affecting behavior

– Makro Ekonomi
Concerned with economic aggregates, such as the overall level of employment, the average price level, and gross national product (GNP)

– Ekonomi Manajerial
The application of economic concepts, principles, and tools to managerial decisions

Hoskins, Colin, Stuart McFadyen, and Adam Finn (2004). Media Economics: Applying Economics to New and Traditional Media. London: Sage Publications.

– What goods and services are to be produces, and how many of each? This entails, for example, not only how many television receivers but what mix in terms of, for example, screen size, digital or analogue, flat screen or conventional, stereo or nonstereo, and so on – How are the goods and services to be produced? Which scarce resources are to be used in their production and in what combination? Should a very capital-intensive or labor-intensive method be used? Should a very capital-intensive or labor-intensive method be used?

– Who is to receive the limited goods and service produced? How are they to be allocated between consumers?

Sistem Pasar
perminta an

Produ k

persedia an

Konsum en
persedia an

Produs en
perminta an

Pekerj a

The Dual Product Market
Good/Service Market

Media Good (Content Product)

Access to Audiences (for Advertisers)

Albarran, Alan B. (1996). Media Economics: Understanding Markets, Industries and Concepts. Iowa: Iowa State University.

Defining the Market

Good/Serv ice Market

Geograp hic Market

Model Media Industri
Struktur Pasar



Struktur Pasar
– – – – – Jumlah produsen/konsumen/audiens Diferensiasi produk (pesan) media Halangan memasuki pasar Struktur harga Integrasi vertikal

– – – – – Pemberian harga Strategi atas produk/periklanan Riset dan inovasi Investasi Taktik hukum

– – – – – Efisiensi produksi Efisiensi alokasi sumber daya Efektivitas produk Kemajuan Keseimbangan sumber daya